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Business Case – Content Marketing for Law Firms

UK Law Firm Uses Content Marketing to Build Powerful New Brand - read what they have done and the results they got

Organization: 1,000-lawyer legal firm with HQ in London named Pinsent Masons

Marketing Objectives:
• To be the biggest legal brand on the Web
• To replace traditional marketing with content marketing
• To generate demonstrable return on marketing investment

Content Types:
• Website, including Podcasts
• eNewsletter
• Print magazine

Unique Element: Created a dedicated content team in 2000 that drives a coherent, consistent complement of content, both in print and online.

Results: Multi-million-dollar return on relatively small content marketing investment.

The firm’s website, Out-Law.com, provides a wealth of timely and use¬ful content for its current and prospective clients. In addition, it produces a semi-annual print publication. Neither information product is the kind of traditional marketing you would expect from a venerable global law firm.

From the beginning, Pinsent Masons made a number of very smart decisions :
• They realized they had to form a dedicated content team if they really wanted quality content.
• Their content is tightly focused and extremely client-centric.
• The writers always write like business journalists and do real reporting using podcasts.
• Its eNewletters simply provides quick summaries of the top articles and podcasts of the week (linking to the website).
• They do no other advertising beyond their website, weekly eNewsletter and their own semi-annual magazine.

Among their website visitors (results of their own survey) :
• 63% found the law firm via the Web!
• 14% only were existing clients!!
• 96% plan to contact Pinsent Masons!!!

Huge Return

• In its first year on the Web, the site averaged just 1,000 visitors per month. In 2007, it attracted 1.4 million visitors over the course of the year.
• The firm can track millions of British pounds’ worth of business to its online content marketing efforts.
• The firm has avoided spending money on unproductive marketing efforts into which most of its competitors are still pouring out large sums of money.

Other Conclusions

• Timely and consistent content requires time, inclination, and talent. This task should not be assigned to busy professionals, but rather to a team of content specialists.
• In a business-to-business arena, it is possible to completely abandon traditional marketing with a well-planned and well-executed content marketing strategy.
• A small content marketing investment can deliver a huge return.

Source: Get Content; Get Customers, Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett
Click here to get the entire case study (PDF format).

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