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Content Marketing - What is it? Why Use it?

(Web Presentation) Promote your expertise and offer your customers information and solutions that are really useful. Today, the Internet enables you to directly reach your target audiences. Take advantage of Content Marketing: strengthen your business relations, increase your exposure… and your sales.

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Transcript :

Do you take notice of print media advertising?
Do you click on Web banners?
Do you pay attention to television advertising?
Do you read promotional emails?

Probably not…
Then why should your clients do so?

We’re bombarded by close to 3,000 promotional messages daily, each trying to outdo the others.
So it’s not surprising that we pay little attention to them and give them no credibility.

As a consumer, you are now in control.

When you’re looking for a product or service, you probably turn to the Web…
That’s what 90% of B2B buyers do.

On the Web, you will likely search for information that will make you a smarter buyer.

Well, your clients do the same.

That’s why you should offer them useful and relevant information that will facilitate their purchasing process and work, and even make their lives easier… That’s what Content Marketing is all about.

And it works!
But you don’t have to take my word for it.
Here’s what marketing experts have to say.

Seth Godin, one of the top opinion leaders in North America, says:
“Content Marketing is the only marketing left.”

“Today, it’s all about compelling content,” says Mr. Scott, a well-known author, blogger and conference speaker.

It’s used by many organizations.

More than a million Canadians receive Scotiabank’s financial advice by email.

The advice, which focuses notably on the management of SMEs, enabled Master Card to increase its website traffic three-fold.

Out-Law.com, a major law firm’s Information Centre:
• receives more than a million visitors annually;
• 86% of them are not clients; but
• 96% intend to contact the firm should the need arise.

The law firm asserts it has considerably increased its revenues since implementing its content marketing strategy.

Finally, the U.S. Postal Service has set up an Information Centre designed to advise businesses on the benefits of direct marketing.

Close to 50% of its visitors say they have taken concrete measures thanks to the featured articles, podcasts and videos… that’s quite an impact!

There are countless examples and types of content. Here are some others:

A dental clinic that discusses treatments and dispels its patients’ fears;

IT consultants who demystify the technology;

An asset management firm that comments on the economy;

A printer that discusses case studies and best practices;

A medical clinic that offers advice to help prevent illness, etc…

What about you? What kind of your information would your clients like to receive?

According to three U.S. studies, some 30% of marketing budgets are now allocated to the creation of content, and this proportion is growing fast.

Why do experts advocate content marketing? And why do more and more businesses use it?

Because it yields significant benefits.

First, this strategy promotes the dialogue and strengthens ties with existing clients.
It therefore increases cross-selling and client retention.

More importantly, it increases the organization’s visibility, notably through search engines, and initiates a relationship of trust with potential clients.
Trust that’s so hard to earn, and yet, so essential.
Of course, greater visibility, combined with greater trust, drives sales.

Finally, content marketing contributes to training employees and partners.
It therefore increases the productivity of the businesses that use it.

You must be thinking: umm, that’s all very interesting, but my market is particular and my budget is limited… Is it really relevant for me?

Don’t worry: your clients need this information, and who can provide it better than you?

Five favourable trends encourage companies to use this strategy:

1. People have had enough of all those promotional messages. They are more informed and give them little credibility.

2. Deprived of revenues, traditional media offer less information.

3. Thanks to the Internet, people are now in control and search for truly useful information.

4. Companies are more aware then ever of their clients’ needs, thanks notably to CRM and other management tools.

5. Last but not least, the technology now allows businesses of any size and regardless of the industry to reach their clients directly.

In fact, there are many ways to deliver content, and many are free!
Just think of search marketing, social media, email campaigns, editorial contributions, viral marketing, and many others.

Luckily for SMEs, the impact of content marketing doesn’t depend on a large budget, but rather a coherent and effective strategy.

Take the initiative, become a trusted advisor in your industry and reap significant benefits.

Thank you for your attention.

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