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3 Options to Set Up Content Marketing

You are probably seeking to strengthen your business relations and to increase your visibility. You must be thinking: “Content marketing looks promising, but how do I go about it?”
Your question is understandable as your business is managed to offer products and/or services, and not to produce and deliver content.

The successful implementation of a content marketing strategy includes the following steps:
Preparatory stage (identification of objectives, subjects, tools, media, schedule, budget…)
1. Production of content
2. Integration of content
3. Delivery of content
4. Keeping the conversation going
5. Assessment of benefits
(and adjustments if need be)

Setting it up therefore requires considerable expertise. So here are your three options:

1. Do What You Can …

Your objective is to offer your existing and potential clients useful, interesting and even entertaining content. If that objective is not achieved for any reason – lack of understanding of their needs, uninteresting and even promotional subjects, boring communication tools, limited delivery, non-existent conversation, no performance evaluation, etc… - your initiative is headed for failure.

Think of all the PDF news bulletins you receive. How many of them do you read? In other words, if you can’t offer your clients quality content (relevant, interactive, entertaining…) on a regular basis, your competitors will do so and gradually get your clients’ attention.

Moreover, do you have the time? Implementing a Content Marketing strategy, including creating quality content and communication tools, requires some technical knowledge as well as rigour and above all, time. Consequently, more than 90% of blogs are inactive (according to Technorati).

2. Become a Publisher

If you benefit from economies of scale enabling you to hire key persons (marketing expert, journalist/editor, graphic designer/integrator/programmer, public relations specialist…), this option is highly attractive.

I am convinced that various medium and large-sized Canadian companies will take over from certain newspapers and magazines. If traditional media no longer offer the information that people are seeking (because there are fewer and fewer advertisers), businesses will fill the gap. In doing so, they will get involved in their community and become credible and appreciated players. In fact, the trend is already underway. According to the Association of Publishing Agencies, seven of the ten largest magazine circulations in the U.K. come not from publishers, but from businesses with another mission (to consult case studies: www.apa.co.uk/showcase).

3. Outsource

According to a survey of 150 U.S. marketing managers, more than 50% of B2B companies outsource the creation, integration and delivery of their content. You could therefore retain the services of a project manager, marketing expert, journalist/editor, graphics designer/integrator/programmer, public relations specialist, etc… You could also outsource all or part of it to a firm specializing in content marketing.

However, note that no matter what solution you choose, a key person in your organization will have to work in cooperation with your supplier(s). Your sales representatives, if any, will also have to get involved. Being interested parties, they will further participate in the creation and delivery of our content.

To Sum Up

Communication with clients is at a crossroads. Companies that provide them with useful and relevant information will benefit. What’s more, those that become the first and foremost source of information in their segment will reap significant benefits.

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I help businesses in the production and delivery of content allowing them to be found on the Web,
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