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Welcome to the Linked Quebec group – the largest LinkedIn group and biggest business community in Quebec. More than 500,000 Quebecers are now on LinkedIn. The popularity of the world’s most extensive virtual business network is constantly growing in Quebec and elsewhere. Launched in 2003 in California, LinkedIn now has over 65 million members (May 2010), more than double the number at the same date last year.

Started up in January 2010, the Linked Quebec group is an association of Quebec business men and women seeking to learn, share and network. It has only taken a short time for thousands of people to register and post hundreds of discussion topics and comments. The Linked Quebec community has rapidly become a meeting place between people who know and those who are looking. Consequently, individual knowledge is transformed into extensive and well-appreciated shared knowledge.

Favourite topics: Web and traditional business marketing/networking/development, recruitment and other human resources topics, and personnal development… in fact, these are the main benefits offered by LinkedIn. However, given the professionalism of its members and wealth of discussions, the subjects have expanded: search for sites or suppliers, business advice, survey and exchange of opinions, etc…

No matter what the topics, they have one thing in common: sharing. In such a context, no direct promotion of any kind is allowed within the group. It’s not those who make the most noise and constantly repeat their promotional messages who are noticed, but those who add value and stand apart through the quality of their discussions and comments.

Traditional associations and chambers of commerce are sometimes successful in shifting from the real to the virtual world. Linked Quebec has successfully gone the other way: its members, all linked virtually, sometimes get together for wide-ranging events or simple impromptu evenings. In doing so, they develop relationships of trust and broaden their network of contacts.

Does the Linked Quebec community represent a new trend in professional associations? Quite possibly. In any event, its members’ comments are full of praise. Read them yourself: once you have registered (click on Linked Quebec), consult the “Linked Quebec Community” discussion: banal or original / traditional or forward-looking / waste of time or constructive / lasting or fleeting trend…? What’s your opinion? (click on http://bit.ly/comments-linkedQuebec).

Once you are registered, you can:

• Introduce yourself to thousands of people:
Discussion: “Hello – thank you for joining us. Who are you?” http://bit.ly/c539ci

• Start up discussions, get answers to your questions and increase your visibility in the Quebec business community:
Discussion: “Why and how to interact within Linked Quebec” http://bit.ly/cNn0r3

• Network using powerful search and communication tools:
Discussion: “Making the most of the largest association in Quebec” http://bit.ly/a0utsR

• Meet other members:
Discussion: “Linked Quebec Meeting in Montreal” http://bit.ly/abZ1S0

• Present/comment on news, and

• Post or look for jobs.

Welcome to the Linked Quebec group!

I look forward to learning from you, sharing ideas and networking.

Linked Quebec Founder/Facilitator

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